Revamp of the capital

Today, on 4th April 2019, the Kingdom of Ikonia have announced that they have restructured the governing, and design of the capital of Ikonia, Uvenia.

The capital is now governed by officials of His Majesty’s Royal Government when in the city itself. Officials can request changes to the capital if they wish, but it must past through the King himself. The King has said that he will structure a city council and the territory will no longer just be governed by officials.

New flag of the capital
City seal for documents regarding requests from officials

The newly founded Dominion of Cloverton

The Ikonian monarchy assumed the role of the state of Cloverton, a former administrative division of the Federal Republic of Cloverzem.

After the peace treaty was officalized, only 3 days later did the Dominion finally secede from Cloverzem.

This Dominion has yet to be governed by a advisor, but will be overviewed by the Monarch.

View the peace treaty here –

The newly founded Dominion of Cloverton, is now a dependant state of Ikonia.
Flag of the Dominion of Cloverton

The Fixed-term Ikonia Currency Boost Act 2019

Our king, with the consent of His Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council has decided to instate a bill regarding businesses and their currency kyro.

The act was reviewed by His Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council, and was signed by Karlos Fehrman, a PC member, the Minister of Treasury, Troy Koehler, and the King himself. The ruling was lead in at 1:26 AM IST.

To read up more on the act, view it here –

A council for the King

Our Ikonian monarch, Cameron I, has ruled in to create an advisory body of councillors, to overview the monarch, and give advice.

The new “His Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council”, or Privy Council for short has been founded, as the government has released a list of members shown below.

Current members of the PC are

The Rt Hon. Sir Troy Koehler OD
The Rt Hon. King Father Paul OV OTB
The Rt Hon. Hayden Ford
The Rt Hon. Karlos Fehrman
HG The Rt Hon. Andrew Flores OD
HG The Rt Hon. Commodore Doctor Aidan McGrath, Duke of Limiport

The Privy council’s logo.

King of Ikonia passes Ikonian Empire ruling

The Kingdom of Ikonia and the King have established the Ikonian Empire ruling officially making all cities, towns, and crown dependencies of Ikonia members of the Ikonian Empire, protected by the Kingdom of Ikonia

All cities, towns, and dependencies of Ikonia as of 12:26 IST.

If you would like more information, view the official document here –