Accentra, for a new environment

Our King, in order to establish more environmental friendliness in micronations to get rid of pollution and to secure our earth’s prosperity, has founded, “The Missionar and Collective Council of Accentra“, usually just called “Accentra”.

Accentra is a collective body of representatives from nations coming to battle the environment issue and helps set up agencies for micronational environment protection. We invite all nations to apply and come join us in this journey. “Accentra, for a new environment”

Read more about Accentra here –

Flag of Accentra

Founding of JISA

Our great Kingdom has come together as one once again, and have demanded more science implementation. Collaboratively, the Ikonian people, the King, and the President of the Catholique Socialist Republic, Aidan McGrath founded the JISA, a space agency for micronations all.

The JISA plans to launch a drone high enough into air to see the earth’s curvature in late January or early February, under the Poseidon program, with their first mission being the Poseidon 1.

JISA was founded on 19 January 2019, and our wonderful King, Cameron I has decided to take the role of Administrator, along with managing documents and keeping the JISA team in check.

JISA was also launched with the help of Deputy Administrator Aidan McGrath, who has developed assets such as the Poseidon program patches, and uniforms.

Learn more about JISA and the upcoming Poseidon 1 mission on MicroWiki here:

Seal of JISA

Ikonia restructures order and honor system

The Kingdom of Ikonia recently issued in a press letter for the restructure of their order and honor system, describing and showing the six medals that will stay in the system.

The six medals display their ribbon bar, and the date they were issued.

More on the document and the honor system itself is linked here –

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Diaconus

President Kevin Baugh receives the Order of the Heart

Order of the Heart ribbon

President Kevin Baugh of the Republic of Molossia was awarded the honor of the Order of the Heart, granted upon him by His Majesty King Cameron I.

The President stated, “It is truly a great honor” and is fully appreciative of the Ikonian award. We hope Molossia and Ikonia can achieve amazing things together as our friendship lasts.

We have also gifted other micronationalists the order, here is the list:

King of Ikonia passes Ikonian Empire ruling

The Kingdom of Ikonia and the King have established the Ikonian Empire ruling officially making all cities, towns, and crown dependencies of Ikonia members of the Ikonian Empire, protected by the Kingdom of Ikonia

All cities, towns, and dependencies of Ikonia as of 12:26 IST.

If you would like more information, view the official document here –

King of Ikonia runs for President of League of Micronations in 2019

The King has officially begun running for the President and has implemented some tactics such as MicroMatch for the LoMN to further it’s diplomacy.

If you would like more information, view the official document and website here –

The flag of the LoMN