Yet more territorial changes in the Kingdom

Once again after a long time of vacancy of acts, activity, and lack of inspiration in the Kingdom, the King has officially enacted more territorial changes to Ikonia.

The towns of Rokia and Bonaru were dissolved in replacement of Esterton and Cloubury, with more land mass than previously before.

A new crown dependency named Idolas was founded with help from the Duke of Limiport, Aidan McGrath and now Governing Commissioner, which contains land in Michigan

Veritasia, a new city was founded in provisional status by the King, containing 1.82 acres of pure grass and dirt.

Along with all of these changes, the Dominion of Rishania was also dissolved, with the land being returned to the US.

All of these territorial changes were done through multiple King rulings on the 22nd August of 2020. The town ruling and Idolas act were both major changes to the country.

As of now, the full territorial list is as follows:

  • Uvenia (capital city)
  • Ancellota (provisional city)
  • Veritasia (provisional city)
  • Cloubury (town)
  • Esterton (town)
  • Osceola (town)
  • Novaria (march)
  • Idolas (crown dependency)
  • Dominion of the Caribbean (dominion)
  • Baker Island (overseas territory)
Photograph in Idolas
Coat of arms of Veritasia, a new provisional city

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