Heraldic officers appointed

Today on November 26th, His Majesty with collaboration with His Majesty’s Heraldic Authority (HMHA) have appointed and created positions inside the Authority to serve for creation of badges, standards, letters patent, and coat of arms.

This comes right after the Codicem Heraldica Ikonius was published on November 7th.

The appointees and offices are as follows:

Jack Morris – Crystal Pursuivant of Arms
No one currently – Acorn Pursuivant of Arms

The Dominion of the Caribbean has reported that the Court of the Caribbean and HMHA will be used for heraldic matters inside the dominion, and the Sheplaberb Monarch, also Cameron I announced the creation of a Sheplaberbian Heraldic Authority to serve him and the other inhabitants (albeit no one living inside the territory).

Finally, the King announced that the Royal Residence celebrated Thanksgiving, and wished all Ikonian citizens and foreigners a great day with their friends and family.

Pictured, the Badge of the Crystal Pursuivant (left) and Acorn Pursuivant (right)

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