Activity returns in the nation as new Constitution is passed

Front cover of the new Constitution

After a long period of inactivity, a new Constitution has been officially passed and has come into effect! Activity has finally returned to Ikonia, after a period of dormancy for 9 months.

The new Constitution consists of 6 articles: 

Article 1: The Kingdom
Article 2: Bill of sights
Article 3: The Monarch(y)
Article 4: Legislative
Article 5: Judicial system
Article 6: Final provisions

The full version can be read on the Ikonian website here:

There have also been other changes: Three members of the Commoner Council have been removed from their duties due to inactivity, and the signing of the mutual recognition Treaty of Fayette between Ikonia, the New Richmond Republic, and the Confederation of the Northern Coast.

In other news, it is to be expected that His Majesty the King will soon release the annual Christmas honors list and address the nation with a Christmas speech. Stay tuned for more!

Government releases Christmas honors

Honors displayed
The honors given displayed (L-R): Breast-star of the Order of the Diaconus, Ribbon-bar of the Order of Christmas, Ribbon-bar of the Order of Excellence, Medal of the Order of the Heart

The government in accordance with the Ikonian Honours System, have just released the list of recipients for the numerous amounts of awards given on Christmas Day.


  • Newton von Uberquie – for his service to furthering Ikonian diplomacy and great leadership during tenure as GUM Chair
  • John I of Baustralia – for his service to the King in developing his heraldic skills, eventually surpassing King John I in skill, according to King John I himself.”


  • Jayden Lycon – for his service to Ikonian territorial ambition, and leadership of the “New-Guard” during tenure as CA Chair
  • William Wilson, the Marquis of Novaria – for his service to Ikonian territorial ambition, heraldic service, and private service to the Monarch
  • Seann Torres – for his service to aeronautical research, further inspiring the idea of the Ikonian Space Agency


  • Karl Friedrich – for his friendship to the King, and as a long-serving technical admin of MicroWiki
  • Andrew Creed – for his friendship to the King, also as a long-serving technical admin of MicroWiki, and becoming an honorary citizen of the Kingdom
  • Eryn Lewis – for friendship to the King, and as her diplomatic and excellent leadership during her tenure as the Prime Minister of New Virginia
  • James Frisch – for friendship to the King, and as his current tenure as the Rector of the Serene Beaconite Republic
  • Daniel Roscoe – for friendship to the King and as a diplomatic ally to Ikonia through Australis
  • Bradley Dullahan – for friendship to the King and as an adviser to the King
  • Matthew Xia – for friendship to the King and for awarding the King the Order of the Blue Lotus
  • William Autry – for friendship to the King and being a respected citizen in Kapresh nobility.


  • Thomas I of Hrafnarfjall – as a Christmas gift in accordance with his Dukedom title
  • Terry I of Essexia – as a Christmas gift in accordance with his service as Emperor of Essexia
  • Jack Dean of Essexia – as a Christmas gift in accordance with his GUM Chair victory and service to the Essexian Navy as Head of the Naval Forces
  • Matthew of Essexia – as a Christmas gift in accordance with his services to the Dean-Montan campaign


“It’s a great honour. Ikonia is an up and coming micronation that has a lot to offer the community and to be recognized by them in this way is very humbling” – Matthew of Essexia

“Baustralia and Ikonia may have had some rough patches, however, what is important is that we’ve made up. I am honoured to be awarded these from your King. I hope we can continue to work together and become close like before.” – John I of Baustralia

King releases Christmas speech

The televised Christmas speech

The King’s 2020 Christmas Speech was an historic event, as it was the first ever speech to be released by the Kingdom. It was also the most recent usage of the Ikonian Broadcasting company. The speech was recorded in the Royal Residence on the 24th.

“Greetings and merry Christmas to everyone.

Usually at this time of year people gather together, they make merry, and for a second time in as many months look back and appreciate the things they are given or the misfortunes they have avoided. However, this year is one in which those things are either unfortunately discouraged or simply such a monumental task to find anything to be thankful for.

In this year, we have all faced trials and tribulations, worries for our late and immediate futures, and stresses which we could have never imagined. It is that most discouraging and melancholic feeling which makes this Christmas and holiday season all the more important.

Despite our worries, and despite the attitude of the season being hindered, there still remains that one thing which is the source of our celebrations: love. When our friends and family are kept away from us by the limitations placed on them because of this tragedy which has stricken the whole Earth, we must remember our love for them and theirs for us.

Whenever in doubt, the assurance of love is one thing you can always hold to with gratitude. Further to that, however much of a cliche it may sound, love is the reason for the season.

To remind us of the love the Lord has for us, and to depart that love to our fellow man. But despite our circumstances I like to think and to use the words of Bob Hope, that ‘Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?’ In fact, in this coming year, let us all make up for the worries we suffered and let love of the present and not fear of the future keep us going.

Let us all make peace with our adversaries, break bread with the less fortunate, and be the light for those lost in darkness. So, may we raise our glasses to love and hope, wish each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless us, God bless you and God bless Ikonia.”

The King also noted that Christmas honors were to be released on Christmas day to citizens and foreign leaders in other micronations.