Founding of JISA

Our great Kingdom has come together as one once again, and have demanded more science implementation. Collaboratively, the Ikonian people, the King, and the President of the Catholique Socialist Republic, Aidan McGrath founded the JISA, a space agency for micronations all.

The JISA plans to launch a drone high enough into air to see the earth’s curvature in late January or early February, under the Poseidon program, with their first mission being the Poseidon 1.

JISA was founded on 19 January 2019, and our wonderful King, Cameron I has decided to take the role of Administrator, along with managing documents and keeping the JISA team in check.

JISA was also launched with the help of Deputy Administrator Aidan McGrath, who has developed assets such as the Poseidon program patches, and uniforms.

Learn more about JISA and the upcoming Poseidon 1 mission on MicroWiki here:

Seal of JISA

King of Ikonia passes province ruling

The Kingdom of Ikonia and the King have established the province ruling officially making all provinces of the Royal Residence collectively combined into the city of Uvenia and will establish towns inside of Uvenia, the idea rose from the Austenasian cities and towns.

All towns and cities receive a flag and coat of arms and will be represented by their selective Representative selected by the King.

If you would like more information, view the official document here –